Love Pugs? Great Ways to Support Dog Rescue

Love Pugs? Great Ways to Support Dog Rescue

Should you support dog rescue efforts? Of course! But if you have your own pug (and aren’t looking to adopt another right now) it can be tough to know how to support dog rescue and specifically pug rescue organizations.

With happy-go-lucky little pugs, it’s hard to believe that they could ever be mistreated, abandoned or in danger. Yet, there are many, many pugs that get stuck in tough situations. Pug rescuers work tirelessly to save these little guys. This often means putting in long hours, housing multiple pugs, searching for safe homes, and trying to fund veterinary care for the rescued pugs. Many dog rescues also do advocacy work, fighting against animal abuse, backyard breeding, and even the dog meat trade.

If you love pugs and want to help, here are some great ways to support dog rescue.

1. Donate Funds

Of course, the most practical way to support dog rescue efforts is to donate. Often, we feel like we don’t have much money to donate, or that a few dollars won’t make a difference. It’s important to keep in mind that most rescues are nonprofits and consequently run on a shoestring budget, where every little bit counts.

Micro donations through Patreon and other monthly giving platforms can be a powerful way to help animal rescue. Imagine if 1,000 people gave just $5/month. In a year, that adds up to $60,000! That’s a big deal for animal rescues, who often rely completely on the generosity of donors to support their efforts.

Pugs who come into rescue organizations are often arriving from shelters or pulled from situations where they may have experienced neglect and abuse. This means many have conditions like heartworm, mange, allergies, eye injuries, tooth decay, and worse. These little pugs require veterinary care to get them into tip-top shape for their new forever families and unfortunately veterinary care can get very expensive.