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Pug Life Magazine is the premier pug culture and lifestyle online magazine for pug owners and enthusiasts. Pug people are a passionate group who love to interact with fellow pug people and share their common threads of living the 'pug life.' Pug Life Mag provides a one-stop home for all things pug. We feature a 'cover pug' almost daily on our blog, graphically designed into a eye-capturing motif and subsequent story line. We host a forum for photos, sharing with others, help and advice in breeding, health care, and training, etc. We also provide all the information one needs to know about caring for, learning about, and the training of, pugs peppered throughout our pages and blog. We also carry a full line of clothing and merchandise of pug themed items in our online store.

Pug Life Magazine is a leading online pug dog brand, covering pug culture, lifestyle, and love. We aim to foster a powerful community of passionate pug enthusiasts; offering them a place to share their experiences and "pug life." We also provide all of the information pug owners need regarding breed specifics, health issues, care, grooming, exercise, and diet. Our forum acts as a Q & A chat room for anything pug owners wish to share or know. Led by founding editor-in-chief Sam Huber since 2017, Pug Life Magazine was developed in collaboration with Dark Lord Pug Designs, LLC (lauched in 2014). Dark Lord Pug continues to be the most popular pug clothing and design store on the web. now exists for the highly engaged and devoted pug audience looking to discover what’s happening in pug culture.

Here’s what pugs are saying about Pug Life Magazine:

“Well-rounded, intelligent.” 
— Pee Wee Aloysius the Pug

“A well-respected, iconic brand.” 
—Bentley the Pug

“Pug Life Mag brings together the best elements of pug culture and lifestyle.” 
—Ozzy the Pug

“America’s finest pug rock magazine.” 
—Jackson the Pug

“The exhaustive, eclectic read is full of smart, insightful and occasionally funny writing. It’s hip without being too cool for school, exhaustive and far-reaching without being irrelevant or obsessed with minutiae and discerning and smart without being overly intellectual.” 
—Tatanka the Pug

“The best among all pug websites, paws down.” 
—Frankie the Pug

“A great, well-edited, well-written pug magazine.” 
—Boomer the Pug

“Pug Life Magazine continually surprises with elegantly designed, thoughtfully written pieces that ponder the direction of the pug culture.” 
—Bumble the Pug

“Pug Life Magazine has people with imagination that are willing to take chances and write about things you’re not going to read about anywhere else.” 
—Mulder the Pug

“PLM is so deliciously sweet, I often put it on my waffles in the morning instead of syrup.” 
—Rupert the Pug

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