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Volume 79 | Stevee the Pug

October Cover Pug | Stevee

I grew up on 80's sitcoms and look back at them fondly. One of my favorites starred this adorable pug named Stevee called Puggy Chewster. I still say her catch phrase to my pugs all these years later, "You have PUGGY POWER!" Maybe her quirky attitude, spunky view on life, and hilarious clownish behavior made me love pugs as much as I do. Who knows? But we are tossing a tribute to Stevee today with our cover!

Follow half-sisters Stevee Skittles & Little Bit O Honey on their super cute pug ventures! They will never cease to entertain @candy_pugs.


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Samantha Kim
Samantha Kim
Jun 24, 2022

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Андрей Тараборов
Jun 27, 2022
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