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Merry Pugmas | 15 Awesome Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Pug

15 Awesome Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Pug

Tick tock! Christmas is just a few days away! While you've been hustling and bustling getting presents for all the human members of your family, your little pugs should not be forgotten. We've got your back on this one. You have just a little time left to fill in those blank spaces under your tree with great stuff every pug will love.

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Pugs are very playful and intelligent. Channel their energy and curiosity into something positive with some fun and challenging treat-delivering puzzle toys. These games reward your pug for correctly opening the various compartments. Simply enter the treats and let the activity begin.

The OurPets IQ Treat Ball is a fun rendition of a slow feed bowl that promotes a healthy lifestyle for your pug. You can put a portion of your pug’s meal in the ball, only allowing them to eat what is dispensed when the ball is rolled. It can be filled with treats or kibble and set to a desired difficulty level using the ball’s adjustable interior disc. This toy promotes active feeding, giving your pugs the exercise they need and then rewarding them for it.

The Trixie Dog Activity Board Strategy Game is sure to provide plenty of stimulation and fun for your pug. Your pug gets the treats by using different techniques for opening indentations. The game board comes with two cones and indentations with hinged lids and sliders. Just place the treats inside and their ready to play.

Outward Hound is one of our favorite dog brands. They have multiple interactive dog toys, but our pugs love the Outward Hound Kibble Drop Interactive Puzzle. This is a treat-seeking puzzle for your smarty pug! When treats are dropped into the top of the toy, they fall randomly into one of the four treat chambers covered by flaps. Your pug must determine which chamber the treat has fallen into and which flap to lift in order to retrieve the treat. Scent holes on the chambers assist in your pug's search for the reward!

2. Bones and Chews

Our pugs love to chew. It's an awesome activity to keep them busy and relieve excess energy. There are some great brands out there your pugs will love to open on Christmas morning. Here are our favorites.

Greenies are like pug gold. It's like that dream item you hope your kids love because it's good for them. And doggie, do they ever! The unique, delightfully chewy texture of Greenies Dog Treats cleans down to the gum line to help fight plaque and help fight tartar while freshening breath. Your pug will be crazed to sink their teeth into these chewy dog treats. Win, win!

We are also fans of Nylabones. Our pugs love to chew, and these things are always the go-to. Nylabone chew toys help establish proper chewing habits and relieve the causes of destructive chewing. Nylabone offers a variety of chew toys in all sizes and shapes to occupy both pug puppies and adults, satisfying their need to gnaw on something while diverting them from chewing on inappropriate items. They are infused with flavor and keep our pugs engaged with the chew, providing them with long-lasting enjoyment.

If you're looking for something 'real,' then try the Jack&Pup Premium Grade Roasted Meaty Beef Shin Bone Dog Treats. These dog treats are slowly roasted to perfection, then naturally smoked along with pieces of tendon and meat, to enhance its flavor and provide a hearty and savory meaty treat for your pug. The bones are full of delicious calcium rich marrow; guaranteed to satisfy even the most aggressive chewers. Your pug will be entertained for many hours, chewing away on these irresistible treats.

3. Comfy Beds

Oh sleepy pugs, oh sleepy pug, how beautiful is your snoring. Considering your little baby sleeps a good portion of her day away, why not treat them to the best snuggle zone available. We've provided our top list of style and function beds for your pug.

Aspen Pet makes a Sofa Bed with Pillow which is essentially a miniature sized sofa for small pets with any sleeping style and who will enjoy it as the perfect place to rest. Filled with 100% recycled fiber fill, each bed is machine washable for easy care and for keeping your pet’s sleeping space clean and fresh. Plus, it's super stylish and nice to look at.

We know our pugs shed like a snow blizzard, so Petmaker has you covered (literally). The Petmaker furniture pet cover with bolster provides comfort for your pug while protecting your furniture. The water-resistant bottom layer provides extra defense against damage and stains to your upholstery. The three-sided memory foam filled bolster provides exceptional comfort for your pugs and protects furniture seat, back and arms. Their extra-long drape helps to protect the front of your furniture too.

Nais Products is one of the cutest custom pug brands on the market. Their Etsy Store is full of the best pug beds and pug pins. Our favorite is the Unipugs Special Edition Comfort Bed. All I have to say is just go look at it, it's beyond adorable. They also have a Star Wars edition pug cartoon bed coming soon!

4. Pug Clothing and Accessories

What's cuter than dressing your pug up in a head-turning outfit? It's time to have the best dressed pug in 2018. Here are our favorite pug clothing stores on the web.

Icon Dogwear is the next collection you need to check out. Icon Dogwear is an urban dog boutique with commitment to unique design and quality. They feature one of a kind dog clothes, leashes and accessories that is fun, stylish and most importantly comfortable. Their shirts and sweaters are adorable, and their bandanas and bow ties are some of our favorite out there.

Finally, there's our love for Frenchie Bulldog. From reversible harnesses, leashes, and collars with the cutest designs, they also have awesome hoodies and shirts to boot. They fit our squishy little friends perfectly as they're tailored specifically for the small, barrel-chested, brachycephalic breeds. We have at least five sets of harnesses for our pugs! Needless to say, we are addicted to this brand. Please give them a look-see.

5. Personalized Pet Products

Custom products with your pug's face on it has to be the best gift out there! We have spectacular products from two specific companies, Pop Your Pup and LiLiPi.

Pop Your Pup specializes in printing posters and shirts of your pet. You get to choose your favorite photo of your pug, choose a background and item, and watch the company POP YOUR PUP!. They create a 3d looking, pop art inspired replica of your photo and it looks so cool. It makes the perfect gift for yourself or your closest pug-enthusiast.

LiLiPi specializes in making custom pillows of your pet. We have one of Pee Wee and it's incredibly life-like. Amazing quality and the perfect conversation piece.

Also, we would be remiss to mention Pug Life Magazine's custom covers of your pug! Just send us a photo and we'll turn your pug/pugs into a VIP Cover Pug. We love transforming your photo into a work of art. We can also put your cover photo in our shop so you can order any merchandise you'd like with your cover image on it.

So, there you have it! There's still time! Go go go! Treat your pug like the king and queen they know they are. Happy holidays and Merry Pugmas from us at Pug Life Magazine.

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