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Volume 100 | Bodie & Spanky the Pugs

Bodie and Spanky the Pugs | Pug Life Magazine

January Cover Pugs | Bodie and Spanky

"To make sure your hooman obeys you, you have to show it the snuggle once in a while" Two of the fiercest snugglers in Birmingham, England (or Georgia, USA lol) are here to cuddle you to death (but not death, just a whole lot).

Not only are these two the cutest and sweetest little gangsters around, they also, along with their hooman, give back to the pug rescues nationwide. They run Blind But Not, making scarves and selling them to fellow pug lovers, with ALL the profits going to Pug Rescue. They have raised $18,000 to date for 13 different rescues and are working on the 16th $1,000 donation which will bring us to a total of $19,000 donated to Pug Rescues since they started! All from making cute little scarves!!!

Please follow Bodie and Spanky, and make sure to purchase a scarf from Blind But Not and help a fellow pug near you.

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