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Volume 103 | Pee Wee the Pug

March Cover Pug | Pee Wee

Our March PLM is the special 'Blind Pug Issue.' We celebrate the full lives and pure love these little supugheroes exude. As long as there is love in their hearts and love surrounding them by their friends and fam, who needs sight?!

Pee Wee, our cover pug, has been blind since birth. Despite a tragic start to life, as a puppy mill pug left to die because of his 'imperfection,' Pee Wee now lives the best life with his humans and pug brothers. Despite never being able to see, Pee Wee assumes he's just like everybody and everypuggy else. He navigates his house and yard like a perfectly memorized map. He goes on walks, runs, and plays. Without knowing he was blind, you'd never guess he was. He life is just as wonderful, and he is just as precious as any other pug with sight.

Lets show our love and appreciation to these perfect babies!

Fall in love with Pee Wee by following him on Instagram @peeweesbigpugventure



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