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Volume 78 | Mr. Biggie the Pug

October Cover Pug | Mr. Biggie

Full Name: The Official Notorious P.U.G. Mr. Biggie takes his namesake from the late, great hip hop legend, the Notorious B.I.G. Those are big, like really reallllllly big shoes to fill, but Mr. Biggie is up to the task. "Little Guy, Big Attitude" is his motto. Don't step to close, unless you can handle being licked for one hour straight. Oh, and BTW, he loves it when you call him "Pug Papa."

Seriously, Mr. Biggie and his hoomans are a trip. His photo stream is pic after pic of giggle out loud scenarios. Especially this month, where his focus is on a new Pugoween costume daily. You've got to check him out @mr.biggie.

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