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Volume 75 | Gremlin Pug Zoe

Running on Rainbows | Gremlin Pug Zoe

There is no doubt Zoe is running the show up in Rainbowland. Squerking, errking, snerrrgling, and blergeling like a boss, making her freens laugh and smile. She forever excels at that! If you ever faintly hear a goofy little noise as you're going about your day, take solace, it's definitely Zoe.

Bio: In remembrance of Gremlin Pug Zoe. The ultimate Cutie Pie.

Follow: The Pug Retirement Home The adventures of Daisy and Max, 2 senior pugs living it up in Calistoga, CA 😎 Remembering Zoe the Gremlin and Polly Pie ❤️❤️❤️#pugretirementhome

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