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Volume 61 | Puggy the Pug

Iran to Los Angeles, California | Puggy the Pug


IT IS MY NEWEST RESCUE MISSION. And the most complicated.

PUGGY is about 9 months old. When Puggy was a little puppy, he peed on the carpet of his family’s home and they KICKED him so severely that it nearly broke his neck and left unable to walk. They never took him to the vet and Puggy never recovered, able to move but without any coordination. They barely fed him, for the first few months of his life he only got some rice and yogurt and was very underweight. One day a family friend saw the puppy who could barely walk and reached out to a man known for helping dogs. Puggy’s situation got some exposure and Katy, a girl of Iranian descent living New Orleans contacted me to help him in January. I said I would take him immediately.

The challenge: Puggy is in IRAN.

As we were trying to figure out how to get him here, the dog helper found a surgeon who wanted to operate on Puggy’s neck to help him, and a family stepped up to pay for it and foster him after the surgery. I tried to persuade them to get Puggy here so that he could be evaluated here and have surgery here, but they thought they had the perfect solution for Puggy there. Surgery on his neck was performed and the surgeon said it went ok but Puggy had a long and hard recovery ahead of him. The family that paid for the surgery took him in after and as far as everyone knew, all was well.

Last Friday Puggy was found laying on the side of a busy highway in Tehran, the capital of Iran. HE WAS LEFT TO DIE. A Good Samaritan found him and word reached the dog helper who originally found him. He called the foster family in confusion and they said they got tired of taking care of him and gave him back to his original family … the one who kicked him as a baby and who caused his neck injury. That family … they didn’t want him. They took him and left him on the side of a busy road and left him to die.

Yes, tears pour down my face as I write this … and this is where the story comes back to me. Katy reached out to me and told me that if I don’t take him he does not have a chance. The original problem arose … how do we get him from IRAN to LOS ANGELES?! We can’t fly him in cargo, he can’t move and won’t survive such a trip even if he was accepted on a cargo shipment like the dog meat rescues from China or Korea are. I can’t fly there because as an American citizen it would take months to get permission, maybe never. We needed a volunteer flier from Tehran to LA. We could pay for their flight? We looked and inquired but no one wanted to do a 30 hour trip with a disabled pug. But we close to a solution and I will post the update soon.

Puggy of time and out of hope. Those of you who know me, know that I am on fire right now to save this pug puppy. Distance, politics, culture, religion, none of it matter and none of it will stop me. PUGS ARE LOVE. PUG LOVE KNOWS NO COUNTRY BOUNDRIES. No pug left behind means no pug left behind ANYWHERE. If I am his last hope then I aim to deliver. I need your to raise money for the transport – for Katy to bring him here. I need to raise money to have him see a surgeon and assess his condition and have scans done upon arrival and for his medical care and special needs. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR DONATING TO SAVE A PUPPY WHO HAS KNOWN NOTHING BUT PAIN HIS ENTIRE YOUNG LIFE!!!

UPDATE: Puggy is in The Pug Queen's arms and currently being cared for in Los Angeles! Please donate to help Puggy's rescue efforts at the link below!

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