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Volume 56 | Fuku the Pug

Somewhere? | Fuku the Pug

Waldo is so out, the new craze is Where's Pugdo? And this behind the scenes look at Pugdo himself, Fuku, is an exclusive you'll find nowhere else. What's the deal with all the hiding? Well, in a world filled with Waldos, sometimes you dream about being pet by someone, ANYONE, else. Don't get him wrong, Waldo's an alright fella, but seriously, it gets a bit mundane after awhile, and, well, Fuku needs a little alone time. Thus, hiding. So, good luck finding him amidst all the Waldos. And if you do find him, give him a pet cuz for gosh sakes at least your different!

Bio: Hi, I'm Fuku and I'm from Kyoto, Japan!

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