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Volume 52 | Rupert the Pug

The Woods | Rupert the Pug

There's nothing quite like chopping wood. The cathartic swing of an axe, the satisfying sound of metal on wood, and the rip of power from a chainsaw as it slices through a log. These are beautiful sights to behold. Yes, Rupert said sights, not actions. Rupert considers being a lumberjack more of a spectator sport. These things previously listed are wonderful to watch and hear from the couch while starring out the picture window. The slumberjack, a partner in moral support to the lumberjack. A couple "atta boys" and paws up gives those laborers the good feels they need to get through the day. Meanwhile, Rupert, he'll be right here snuggled up in a blanket, sawing snore logs.

Bio: Rupert the Pug and his Boston brother Bronson love hanging and causing mischief (birthday 10-1-13).

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