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Volume 50 | Mister Vin Diesel the Pug

The Weight Room | Mister Vin Diesel

Do you even lift? Most pugs do not even. But a rare few, they make up for the rest of them. They hit the gym hard for a few minutes. Lifting that 2 lb dumbbell with their teeth. In training for the ultimate prize: eating more, faster! Jaw strength, head agility, crunch power, and frictionless digestion. These are a pug's wheelhouse of attributes on par with an Olympic skillset. Mister Vin Diesel possesses all of these traits and more, making him the poster pug of the weight room. So, do you even lift? Well, you should.

Bio: Bailey is my best friend, my baby girl, I love her with all my heart ❤️ Mister vin Diesel is my brindle pug nugget...Bailey sent me from heaven 💙

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