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Volume 47 | Bandito & Luigi (aka Pug & Cat)

The Finish Line | Bandito & Luigi

3.1, 10.2, 26.2, 1200 miles, the is no distance too long for one of the most powerful duos in all the animal kingdom. Pug and Cat, Bandito and Luigi, forces of nature. These two traveled the entire length of the country of Spain. Trudging through pitfalls of landscape, inclement weather, paw blisters, and heevy pants. Yet, they endured. And they conquered. A pair known for their bipolar relationship, but the love and respect they have for each other is stronger than any tiff. What will their next adventure be? Follow them and find out!

Bio: The Pug and Cat that walked 1500km across Spain together. They fight like cat and dog but love each other like brothers!!!

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