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Volume 46 | Mr. Pickles and Bella the Pugs

Somewhere in the Pacific | Mr. Pickles and Bella the Pugs

Most pugs nap in a lap, and a few pugs nap in a lap in the lap of luxury. The latter describes Mr. Pickles and Bella. The beauty of it is, whether they're zonking on a beach in Turks and Caicos, in a helicopter flying over Patagonia, on a plush limo seat on their way to the Louvre, or on a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean, these babies are the humblest sweethearts to one and all. Reality is, they could be on a simple couch in a two bedroom apartment and be just as pleased with their arrangement. Love, grub, and nappies come first, and all that other 'stuff' is tolerable as long as it doesn't disturb those three pug life essentials.

Bio: 🇬🇧 From the U.K. 🇺🇸 now in Oakland CA 🐶 mum = @gemmacorrell (author of A Pug's Guide to Etiquette)

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