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Volume 44 | Rupert the Pug

Pugcific Ocean | Rupert the Pug

Let's say you're walking along the ocean. Let's say you're a dolphin enthusiast. Let's say you think your eyes deceive you when a strange plump, stout, noseless-looking creature catapults from the water. I'll say you are not hallucinating! You just saw what every dolphin/pug admirer dreams. You just saw Rupert the Pug! Rupert loves swimming with his dolphin friends, Flippy and Hambone. As they torpedo through the water, fins and paws alike, they reach speeds fast enough to seemingly fly from the water into midair like Jordan from the free throw line. Plus, like any dolphin and pug, they thrive on attention and touch, so don't be surprised when they cruise into the shallows for a pet or one hundred. Keep your eyes peeled to the horizon, humans, you just never know when your lucky day will come.

Bio: Adopted 1/30/15 | Pug Nation LA 🐶 #Mommywich UCLA Grad. smexy and fun😆

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