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Volume 37 | Spanky & Darla the Pugs

Eldon, Iowa | Spanky & Darla the Pugs

Americana means many different things to many different creatures, but one familiar constant exists among all, the importance of Pugicana and it's furry representatives, Spanky and Darla. Certain essential elements make America the Beautiful: bald eagles, the Grand Canyon, the New York City skyline, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Great Plains and Lakes, and Spanky and Darla. As those lyrics of the Pug Spangled Banner remain etched in our skulls, lest we not forget, "the red rockets glare, the farts bursting in air, gave proof through the snorts, that our pugs were still there. Oh say does that Pug Spangled Banner yet wag, 'or the couch of the free pugs, and the home of the hooman slave." Play fetch!.....Not.

Bio: Pug shenanagins in Boston & Nashville.

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