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Volume 36 | Rocco Ezra the Pug

Puggy Playland | Rocco Ezra the Pug

Ew, grown ups! They're so out of touch! Unhip harnesses, slow walking, napping all the time, barking lame old one-liners, I mean, seriously! I'll never be like that, says every young pup ever. Really, that should be your goal! And it is achievable! In what pug rulebook does it says, "After the age of 8 all pugs must retire into the realm of lamedom." Well it doesn't, so don't! This is the Rocco way of life, and boy, this pug lives and snorts eternal puppyhood. Scuttle like a maddog, chase a squirrel, bark at a passing human, chew on your siblings face, do whatever it takes to live pug life to the fullest. You've got one, do it right!

Bio: I am not really a dog...i am a penguin, a piglet, and a old (16) NY pug loving life and my humans!

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