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Volume 33 | Marshmallow the Pug

Your Local Coffee Shop | Marshmallow the Pug

How many times have you walked into a coffee shop, saw this rando sitting there in the same spot every time you walk in, and think to yourself, 'Seriously, does this being have a home!? Who sits in a coffee shop for hours with nothing else to do?! Don't you have a job?! Responsibilities?! Things that depend on you?! Do you have a weird fetish where beings have to look at you doing the most mundane things all day for you to 'feel'?! Chances are one of those ponderings crossed your mind. Marshmallow has answers for you. Yes, Me, No, Mmmm No, No, Maybe, and No, but why not. There you have it, answers straight from 'That Being.' Ponder no more. Really, folks, the most important question is, 'How the hell is a pug better at crossword puzzles than me?! Yup, now who's the failure at life? How about a little more introspection, Karen.

Bio: Mochi the alpha bitch, Macho Jerome the body guard & Marshmallow the screeching pug castrato. Plus their humans Steamed Pork Bun & Fatty Pork

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