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Volume 32 | Nutello the Pug

Switzerpugland | Nutello the Pug

Maybelline's famous tagline wants humans to think, 'you know, there's a possibility your born with that glorious mug, but chances are, we are the reason you look so good.' In almost 99.72% of cases involving this brand, the latter is the cause. Nutello is the exception to this 'rule,' he is the 0.28%, and all it takes is a gander at the cut of his jib to bask in this anomalous jewel of nature. If you don't believe us, Google it! Go ahead, Google his name...we'll wait......(tap tap).... SEE, we told you! The Pug Life is strong in this one. Now that you've added him on Stagram, consider you life better. Namaste.

Bio: Google says that I'm one of the most fashionable and extraordinary dogs on Instagram. I say woof,woof.

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