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Volume 31 | Atom the Pug

California's Highway 1 | Atom the Pug

If loyalties must be broken, if the lines must be crossed, do it fast, do it furious! Atom the Pug stars in the 15th release by The Fast and the Furious franchise. Could this series ever run out of ideas? Nope, not with its newest star, Atom! Pug Drift features Atom, a California street racer who's hijinks almost landed him in the pound. So, to avoid kennel time, Atom is banned from driving anything but a Little Tykes play car. He puts on a ruse for his surrounding humans, but street racing still pulses through his veins. At night, he enters a new world where he discovers drift racing. After losing a race to Yakuza the Pug-connected P.D.K., the Pug Drift King, Atom has to enter the California underworld to find a way to win and avoid time. In theaters now!

Bio: Atom is a GoPro Fam Member, a WORLD FAMOUS DRIVING PUG, as seen on CNN, CHIVE,RightThisMinute, DailyMail. GoPro & GreenCarTires.Ca.

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