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Volume 30 | Beni the Pug

Breckenridge, CO | Beni the Pug

Ski Bunny? Please. Try the newest crayz, the Ski Puggy! Beni the Pug is a Ski Puggy. Yet, that whole skiing part, meh. It's all physical, and active, and moving, and dare I say it, sweat-inducing. Ick! See, there's this little slice of warm heaven amidst all that icky hell-frozen-over stuff, the chalet. A haven for the Ski Puggy. Windows away from that yucky white litter on the ground. It's here you'll find Beni, chilling with his favorite people. The cold, the injured, the drinkers, the gossipy tweens, the humans dragged by their significant others on one-sided vaca. These are his people, and they love snuggle pugs because pugs are the greatest!

Bio: Benicio is a rescue pug. He was found emaciated from starvation, had a severe skin allergy and had bits of his little ears bitten off by rats since he was found tied up with a wire rendering him defenseless. With a lot of love, treats and squeaky toys, Beni came out of his shell and recovered to become the happy little pug you see today. Our mission is to remind the community and animal lovers everywhere about the importance of adopting from local shelters. Beni would have been euthanized (due to overcrowding and lack of funds to treat his conditions) had he not been found that day. Community animal shelters provide important services not only to the animals, but to the public. For more information, please contact your local shelter and ask about their volunteer and donation programs. Saving a life at the shelter really saves many - the adopted pet, the family it grows to love and the lucky animal that gets to take it's spot in the shelter.

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