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Volume 29 | Perry Costello, Louis Chen, Maarten Clarence, Leonidas Alexander, and Franklin the Pugs

Pugadise City, USA | Perry Costello, Louis Chen, Maarten Clarence, Leonidas Alexander, and Franklin the Pugs

Life's a beach! And honestly, if you're a pug, the pug life is a beach each and every day. Well, except maybe the location part, cuz let's be honest, the 'beach' is hot and dry and kind of a struggle for the brachycephalicness of our mugs. The Pug Five 0 grumble does, however, chill on the beach here and there. Why? Because, as their name suggests, they patrol the human beachgoers to ensure proper etiquette on this dystopian landscape. Proper etiquette is as follows: 1) be aware of your surroundings and watch for pugs, 2) if you see a pug, make sure to acknowledge it's existence, and 3) be sure to pet said pug(s) with a smile. If these essential rules are abided by, all will enjoy the beach to its fullest extent.

Bio: Pugfive0 consists of four pug brothers, and a senior pug. Perry and Louis were littermates and are 5 years old. Maarten and Leonidas are 4 years old. All four, however, have the same parents. Our cuteness and charm was irresistible, and that is how our Mom ended up with 4 pug puppies. We are forever bonded and get along fantastically. From time to time, we do have the occasional sibling quarrel, but it always ends with kisses. Frank is 10 years old, and was a neglect case when he was surrendered by his former owner. After proper medical attention and continued care he is living a wonderful life with us. We accepted him into the pack from the start and actually hanging out with us has made him act younger. Pugfive0 reside on a small horse farm in rural eastern PA. We live a pampered life and have been often called the princes of Kempton!

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