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Volume 28 | Doug the Pug from Prague

Prague, Czech Republic | Doug the Pug

Prague, or as pugs like to call it, Pugha, provides all pugs with the bohemian allure and fairytale features of that make it a perfect destination for pet-weary pugcationers who want to immerse themselves in culture. Thus, why Doug chooses to live the pug life here! That's right, it's a pugs WAing dreamland! The humans here cannot help but touch a passing pug. This is why it's known as "The City of Pug Love." Yup, Doug urges you to try it out! Head to the streets of Old Town, get pet; visit the Charles Bridge, get pet; sit outside of St. Vitus Cathedral, get pet. It's truly a pug's dream city come true. See you there!

Bio: My name is Doug 🐶 and I live in the beautiful city of Prague 🏰 Follow my journey as I explore the city 🐾 🎂: 5th April 2016

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