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Volume 27 | Mabel Priscilla the Pug

New York City | Mabel Priscilla the Pug

Prance. Prance. Prance. Prance. The walk of a runway pug can only be described as a floating with a hint of grace. It may not be the giraffe-like gait of the human model, but that's what makes it so beautiful and mesmerizing to watch. Mabel Priscilla is the queen of this art form. A runway pug since infancy, she has adorned the stage with her ideal frame, anomalous tongue, and a personality that has been given one simple hashtag, #FAB. She has modeled for the top pug fashions in the industry: Channel Pug, Louis Pugtton, Pugda, Pucci, and Puggany & Co. You haven't truly lived until you watch her in action! Make it a "Things to do before you Rainbow." XO, darlings.

Bio: Tiny NYC fashionista pug👚🐶 Tongue out always 👅 Almost 2 years old (4.13.15) Here to make you 😀 and spread ❤️

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