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Volume 26 | Tuesday the Pug

Deep Space Nine | Tuesday the Pug

When you look into the sky at night, what comes to mind? Asteroids? Black Holes? Extraterrestrial life? Maybe. Tuesday the Pug has greater thoughts, thoughts of the little known pocket of the universe called Pugdromeda. It is widely believed amongst those in the pug life that this is where the next gen world of the pug resides. A place where pugs will graze on the cornucopia of self-harvested treats, where leg licking, snort volume, and long-distance napping are deemed the official sports, and the currency of the land is a snot shot. Until this pipe dream becomes a reality, Tuesday the Pug will continue to gaze into the night sky in search of that perfect constellation.

Bio: 9 Year Old Rescue Pug 📍 | Syracuse, New York 🎀 | Bow Tie Enthusiast

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