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Volume 24 | Pugsley the Pug

Olympic Track & Field Stadium | Pugsley the Pug

"On your mark, get set, GO!" {WHOOOOOOOOOSH!!!} Gone! Pugsley the Pug, aka "The Fastest Creature on Two Wheels," blasts out of the blocks, leaving all other humans and pergs in his rubber-wafted airstream! Words used to describe his speed have ranged from, 'otherworldly, ethereal, bulletesque, like a pug out of hell, superpugic, fawn streak, and lickedy-your-face split!' Unbeaten since a puppy of 4 months, Pugsley has shown his speed permanence over his span of years as he remains invincible on the track. His storied career and book of records will, without a doubt, stand the test of time. Pugsley is what folklore is made of. A story that will never be forgotten, of the fastest pug ever to grace our eyes.

Bio: Living the good life along California's Central Coast!

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