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Volume 22 | Betty Cupcakes

Mall of America | Betty Cupcakes

Listen up, my ladies, we've got to talk! Talk about the one thing that makes us snort louder than food itself, and my ladies, that is STUFF! All the stuff and things...clothes, wigs, booties, bling, and those shopping flings! Oh darlings, does anything rev your little tushes more than the sound of your human starting the car knowing there's only one destination that car goes, the mall! Looking fab is not just a "once in a while," baby, it's a lifestyle. So, get on the horn, sexies, and let's go fulfill our destiny! XO!

Bio: I'm a slutty, hoe-like Pug with a PhD in Sexual Psychotherapy, specializing in Promiscuity and Sluttyness. 😈 Some call me Dr. Betty.

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