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Volume 19 | Charles Darwin the Pug

The Galapagos | Charles Darwin the Pug

Think of a thing, any 'thing,' and imagine balancing it on your head. Now, within reason, humans, no couches or cars. These things, small in stature, can be balanced on Charlie the Pug's head. Yup, all of them, and with perfect precision. Charles Darwin is able to fall into a trance-like state, with yoga stillness and a table-top forehead. It is then, you can take the 'thing' and place it ever so gently on his head and watch the magic ensue. Seconds feel like hours, even days, as he sits statuesque waiting for the signal to stop. But sometimes when a stop is called, he remains. At one with the thing, until the thing becomes part of him, and they fade into the sunset.

Bio: A pug named Charles Darwin who has a secret talent of balancing objects on his head. The internet needed to know about him.

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