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Volume 18 | Pickles the Pug

A Toronto, Canada McDonalds | Pickles the Pug

Pickles the Pug knows fast food. Like, knows it like a brother. The tiny nuances: the sprinkle of onion, the splash of mustard, the temperature of the grill, and of course, the exact number of pickles. See, to Pickles, it's more than just 'fast food.' It's an art form. Those perfectly fluffed burgers, hot dogs, pizzas you see on TV commercials. That's how Pickles makes sure they look for every dinner experience. Then, it's time to eat, and 23 seconds later, it's gone. Pickles, however, still believes in the inhalation of said art.

Bio: 🇨🇦 Toronto Canada 🎂 September 23 2015 👸 Feisty female puggy 🧀 Cheese connoisseur

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