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Volume 17 | Igor & Zombie the Pugs

London, Ontario | Igor & Zombie the Pugs

It's all about the ride! Igor and Zombie, when they're not terrorizing each other, they're terrorizing the road. Car? Truck? No, no, no. The Bike. Motorcycle. The charge from the wind in their fur. The buzzing of the world going by in a flash, the smells of thousands of objects per second, is there anything more exhilarating? They think not. And, if you think inclement weather is going to slow them down, you've thought wrong. Rain nor wind nor sleet nor shine, that rubber must hit the road. So, watch out for these Pugs of Anarchy! They don't mess around!

Bio: Actor/model/therapydog/philanthropist for pug rescue Big bro to Zombie Pug.

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