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Volume 16 | Surf Gidget the Pug

Pacific Ocean, USA | Surf Gidget the Pug

It just happened, fer shure creatures of earth! Thuh one and only, fer shure Gidget, mostly surfin' pug extraordinaire has just completed thuh record-settin', man history-makin', fer shure ever-elusive PERFECT 10! Oh, wow! Kelly Slater, fer shure Josh Kerr, man Owen Wright, man Joel Parkinson Taj Burrow, like, wow and now, fer shure Gidget thuh Pug. To be listed among like, ya know, this epic list of names is, oh, baby us guys imagine, mostly only thuh start for Gidget. Plus, mostly that fox is ya know, like, thuh only, like fer shure only pug to ever come close to such a feat. And considerin' a pug's face is like a table top with a drain hole in it makes thuh all thuh more fantastic. Like, ya know, this is like, ya know,, like, wow paws down, oh, baby thuh greatest sports record of all pug time. Will it ever be matched? Maybe one day, fer shure but let's be honest, like, wow probably not in like, ya know, this lifetime. Hang ten, fer shure chick!

Bio: Champion Surfer, Celebrity, Paddle, Agility, Film! Airhead SUP Ambassador, 100% Pure Pug💖

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