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Volume 15 | King Bentley the Pug

Zurich, Switzerland | King Bentley the Pug

Pug humans? Does anything in the world make you as happy as looking into that little old man/woman face looking up at you, watching your every move, and just waiting to be pressed against you on the couch? I didn't think so. Seriously, the pure joy and loving, tingly feeling you get in your heart is second to none. King Bentley is all about providing all the happiness one pug can muster for his humans, or, for that matter, any human he comes in contact with. I cannot think of a better goal for every creature on earth. Follow his example, will you! As Bentley always says, "Heal the world, make it a pug-like place..."

Bio: 👑 🐶 born 6/21/2015 🏡 Zurich 🇨🇭 🐶 pure breed old german apricot Pug 🐶 loved by my moms 🏳️‍🌈 ❤️

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