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Volume 12 | The Bumblesnot

The North Pole | The Bumblesnot

It's true, pugs love naps. Short naps, heavy naps, barky yip-like naps, and of course, long naps. Our good friend, Bumble is, like, the consummate napper! How did he reach this level of brilliance? Age helps. There's no substitute for experience. Yet, there's something almost spiritual about the way Bumble goes about his craft. Simply a gift of nature, an intrinsic form of genius. Ascetics around the globe now use his Instagram as a form of study, hoping to reach levels of self-discipline and out-of-body experiences similar to his godlike napping skills. Namaste, friends, and pleasant napping.

Bio: I'm a 14-year old rescue Pug dedicated to the adoption of shelter pets everywhere, esp. seniors and those with special needs. Adopt don't shop!

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