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Volume 10 | Sujiko the Pug

Toronto, Ontario | Sujiko the Pug

"Barking in the rain, just snorting in the rain, what a glorious feeling, Suji's happy again." Sujiko is on tough girl. No matter the weather conditions, she faces them flat-face on! Unlike most pugs, who cower or need to be pulled out the door, Suji puts on her weather-appropriate attire and charges into the big world outside. Age is no factor, physical ailments are no hindrance, you're only as old as you feel, and Suji feels like a pup. So, how's that for inspiration, fellow pugs? Live your pug life to the fullest!Carpug deim!

Bio: Sujiko Hi. I'm Sujiko, an 11 year old pug adopted by @joemallozzi and @peasnatchakemi 🐶❤️I love wearing socks because I have gimpy legs‼️

Follow: Find Suji on sunny, rainy, and all days in between on Instagram


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