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Volume 8 | Georgie Fae the Pug

North Carolina, USA | Georgie Fae

If there's one thing a North Carolina pug knows, it's barbeque. And the marinade? Don't even get a pug started! Spring is about a week away, and firing up the barbe is almost a nightly ritual. Join our sweetheart, Georgie Fae, on the deck and she'll cook up anything your heart desires to perfection. Have you ever seen a pug eat a cob of corn? It's truly magical.

Bio: I am Georgie Fae a 6 month old girl. My mommy says I am full of life, fun and a little mischief. She tells me I complete our grumble perfectly! My favorite things are my mommy and spending time with my pug brothers, Wilbur and Frankie and my pug sister Charlotte!

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