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Volume 13 | Tito the Pug

The Beach, California | Tito the Pug

As the song by the Beach Boys goes, "I wish they all could be California Pugs..." At least, that's the way we pug people sing it. Our boy Tito is the ultimate Cali dude! The sweet, sweet sun is his game. Basking, frolicking, licking the air, napping, you name it, he does it in the sun. Needless to say, his Vitamin D levels are off the charts, making him one of the happiest pugs on this here planet. Tito suggests we humans spend a little bit more time in the sun, being mindful and putting some chill in our stressful schedules. "Why are they always moving around so much?" Agreed, Tito. Oh, and don't forget your sunscreen!

Bio: Hi my name is Tito. I'm very food driven (🐽), love working on my tan (🌞), harassing my big dog brothers (😈), & snuggling with my humans.

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