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Volume 6 | Jasmine & Padme the Pugs

Loire Valley, France | Jasmine & Padme

As most pug people already know, our sweet babies were breed by Chinese royalty to be sleeve dogs. And, over the centuries, this royal dog remained the king/queen of the canine species as they traveled throughout the world. Particularly in Europe. Therefore, it is no surprise Jasmine and Padme are following in this long standing tradition. In fact, it could be no other way. The expect nothing less than the BEST treats, the COOLEST toys, and the GREATEST snuggles. Their human counterparts know this because they receive the harshest of stares for the unacceptable. Still, they, of course, are the most precious little creatures to ever walk the royal gardens, anywhere, ever! Find them in a sleeve near you.

Bio: Jasmine is 10 and Padme is 7 we can be followed at @2puglife on Instagram. We love treats, toys and snuggles. We are sisters but couldn't be more opposite. They are the queens of the house and they truly lead the royal puglife.

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