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Volume 5 | Dexter the Pug

Bath, Somerset | Dexter the Pug

Dexter's one messy dude! Mug, dirt, water, wood chips, snow, rain, food residue, you name it, this guy is in it! This also makes him somewhat of an expert in the art of bathing. He has found the secret to the perfect wash. The ideal water temp, the exact amount of pugpoo, the scrubbing motion, the capture of those hard to reach places...everything! With his buddy Piglet by his side, he can conquer even the messiest of messes. Then, when the tub starts to cool, he executes a textbook towel-off. As you can imagine, all of this can be quite taxing on a little pug. So, he and Piglet make their way to beeders and snuggle up for a long nippers.

Bio: This handsome chap is Dexter - he jumps up & 👅 you like crazy (when your least expecting it) until he gets your 👂for a little chew -tongue out with the 'I'm naughty and know it' look.😋 He also loves ice cream🍦 (he's a messy pug) & after all of that for one day (exhausted).. trying to fight the tiredness, he sucks on he's toy 🐷 ear until he's in the land of puppy nod😴🐶💙

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