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Volume 1 | Benjamin Franklin the Pug

Cape Canaveral, Florida | Benjamin Franklin

An epic, historical day for pugs everywhere! Benjamin Franklin (Frankie) was the first pug to enter orbit on the appropriately named Apugollo 1. After spinning after his tail in mid air, capturing nuggets of food suspended within the ship, and napping a majority of the time, he still managed to take a WA and poo on the moon's surface. A highlight of the trip. Bravo, Frank! Many treats and pugventures in your future!

Bio: Frankie is a super energetic pug. He loves to be the center of attention and will bark for it until it is given. He loves people, but especially the ladies. He is a mama's boy. He enjoys playing chase with his brother Tantanka and bitey face with his brother Pee Wee. A true connoisseur of anything edible, a perfect leash walker, and a passionate licker. Favorite toy is Buffers the beanie buffalo, a connection truly cherished via suckling and kneading.

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