10 Tips for Easy & Stress-Free Holiday Travel with Your Pug

10 Tips for Easy & Stress-Free Holiday Travel with Your Pug

Over the river and through the woods...and making gremlin noises all the way.

Our pugs make the cutest (and slightly annoying sometimes) hums whenever they’re in the car. They’re nervous travellers and have a tough time settling down for at least a while on the road.

There’s no doubt that pugs are happiest when they’re right by your side, so if you’re traveling to visit friends and family during the holidays, there are plenty of ways to ensure travel is safe and smooth for your little buddy.

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1. Check the Dog-Friendliness of Your Destination

The NUMBER ONE rule when traveling with your pug or any pet is to checkout the dog-friendliness of your destination WAY beforehand. Even if you’re only going to Grandma’s house it’s always best to clear your visitor with all parties before you get there.

What happens if Uncle Steve is allergic to dogs? Your pug can’t sit in a cold (or heaven forbid hot) car--ever. You need to make sure your host knows you’re bringing your pug and your baby is welcome.

Check on the dog-friendliness of any residen