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Jason Assistant
Jul 16, 2021
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HP is one of the most trusted computer brands all over the world. As such its HP Support Assistant services are also extensive and reliable for the users. HP’s unique feature is that it has one thing which distinguishes it from others. This is the fact that it comes with Fix HP Support Assistant. This Assistant mainly aids in maximizing the performance of your PC. To carry out this operation it makes use of a lot of diagnostic tools. Moreover, this service also notifies users of the latest software and product updates. But sometimes this great tool also malfunctions and then users might find themselves facing unexpected issues which they don’t know how to Fix HP Support Assistant. But that’s why we are here to help you out. Here are most common issues faced by users: Finding An Exclamation on The HP Assistant Icon First of all, know that you will find the Assistant icon right at the end of the taskbar. An exclamation mark remaining static on the Assistant icon simply means that you have a lot of unseen messages or updates. If you want to get those updates or see the messages, then follow the below steps: Begin by double clicking on HP’s Assistant icon. Once there select on the Devices option to then go on to My PC option. There you will find options titled- Messages as well as Updates. Click on the one you want to see. If you see those exclamations beside the Updates option then click on the boxes to install it. If you want to go for the messages first then just click on those to view them. You can also delete the messages by tapping each message on its right hand side. You Get An Error Message Stating HPSF.exe Isn’t Working To fix this, you will have to first uninstall the Assistant feature and then go on to install the most recent one available. Here are the steps to follow if you want to uninstall it: Go to Windows and then head to the Programs option. There click on the Assistant program and then press uninstall. After you do that, a dialog box will pop up and ask for your permission to uninstall. Just click on the Yes option. Then restart your PC to fully complete the whole process. But it’s not done yet. After uninstallation is done, head over to any browser and go to the company’s Fix HP Support Assistant website. From there just download the most recent version of the program. After you are able to successfully download, tap on the Run option. After that its a simple task of following all the instructions which come by onscreen. Once the whole installation process is done, simply click on the Yes option. After restarting again, you will find the Assistant icon right where it belongs. Tip: If you find yourself unable to install the program then simply install the most recent version without getting rid of the previous one. Once you find the Assistant feature is working, only then follow the steps described above to uninstall. HP’s Assistant Support is a great feature and it definitely runs smoothly. Of course it can encounter some minor hiccups from time to time which can be easily solved.
Jason Assistant
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