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Feb 07, 2018
In Pug Training & Behavior
let me just say, my little pup just hit 1 year and STILL poops in the house. no pee... poop. she will ring the bell, go outside, poop, ring the bell, go outside, poop. then all the sudden there is poop in the house! i dont know what to do... i have two other dogs, boston terriers, that are fully bell trained. it only took them 3 months to be potty trained. ive never had a dog so stubborn. she knows to poop outside, she rings the bell and does it... and yet.... i have to keep a CONSTANT eye on her because every now and then i see poo on my hardwood. thoughts??
Feb 07, 2018
In Pug Photo Gallery
This is my little black pug Minnie Bell. She is a princess with attitude! my family calls her ”grumpy pug”. She just turned 1 year old on February 4th. on instagram Here is a picture of her after i told her ”No!” when she tried to drink my coffee.
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