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Jul 20, 2021
In Pug Training & Behavior
There are many people in today's market that label themselves "e-commerce companies." Here are some pointers to help you determine whether they offer legitimate ecommerce website development services or just a one-man show posing as an e-commerce company. The most crucial factor is look. Take a peek at their own website for more information. Make your own judgement; if the company's website appears to be a template, this is a NO, NO. A phone number is provided. If they don't have a phone number on their own website, run. I've observed some people who don't seem to care whether or not the company has a phone number. This is without a doubt the most prevalent blunder. Cart (shopping cart). This is a little more technical; you'll need to know whether the company uses an open source shopping cart or a custom-built one. It's a little difficult to figure out. However, here are a few pointers. The company places restrictions on your purchasing basket. You can only upload one or a few product photos at a time. Request that they demonstrate their work to you. Take your time with this and pay attention to the salesperson because he or she will almost always make a mistake. Inquire about the length of time they've been in business. The most crucial. Go with your intuition; if you're even somewhat hesitant, DON'T DO IT!!! Look for someone else.


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