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Volume 43 | Gizmo the Pug

Planet Mars | Gizmo the Pug

"Now Gizmo really snorted, screwed up eyes and screwed down hairdo Like some dog from Japan, she could lick 'em by smiling...she could lead 'em to foo ooo OOO oood..." Those famed lyrics from Gizmo's epic song "Ziggy Starpug" resonates deep in every pug's loins. Gizmo is truly a unique beauty! A merle coat and the most breathtakingly gorgeous set of eyes, one the deepest of amber, the other as azure blue as the Caribbean Sea. These physical features only accentuate the most preciously sweet personalities in pugdom. A mix of talent, looks, and charisma make Gizmo a star!

Bio: 🐾 Gizmo 🐾 💝 Female merle pug 💘 🎁 27/5/15🎉 💥 #Gizmos_Galaxy for a weekly shoutout! 💥

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