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Volume 35 | Olly the Pug

Errrrgland | Olly the Pug

Some days are just the BEST! Some days just plain blow a big fur ball. And really, whatcha gonna do? No you don't deserve it...pooping and accidentally stepping in it, sniffing a plant while your brother walks up next to you and pees on your head, trying to take a nap and the cat keeps trying to walk into the room sending you into a full out fury. You don't deserve those things, but hey, spit happens! Yup, some days are mitt, ol' grit, skit, hit, mitt, quit, the crappy pit. But take heart, there's always tomorrow, or in dog time, whenever the human breaks out the treats and clears your short-term memory. Keep those chin rolls up! Love, Olly

Bio: Olly's mischievous adventures through life 🐶Follow his daily calendar @ollydayz

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