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Volume 23 | Paddy the Pug

Brighton, UK | Paddy the Pug

Paddy the Pug is this millennium's Doogie Howser. At four months old, Paddy is already considered one of the top five Pugtors in the world! Specializing in Snortiology, Paddy is known as a miracle worker. As a Snortiologist, Paddy focuses on giving humans the ability to snort with the same deep baritone and wheeze as their beloved pugs. "Everybody deserves to enjoy the experience and sheer joy of the snort, that's what I'm here for, that is my purpose," said Paddy. Inspiring. Be sure to check out our top doctors in the field of Pug Medicine!

Bio: Paddy is a 4 month old pug, he is absolutely adorable and charms everyone he meets. The photo is Paddy in his car seat going on a fundraising trip, he did sponsored walkies, cuddles, kisses and photos and raised £70 for Macmillan Cancer Support

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