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Volume 14 | Paddington the Pug

New York, New York | Paddington the Pug

Being metro is bae. The neon lights accentuating the golden highlights of a pugs fur, the noise of the city passing by causing the cutest head tilts ever, and the masses of people gawking and hoping to sneak a pet of the most perfect little creature on the planet. This is Paddington's reality. Venturing out in high fashion because you never know who you're going to see, or where the paparazzi is hiding. In the city that never sleeps, Paddington renounces such a title, and sleeps through all the buzz. Beauty sleep is essential to survive such a wild life. That being said, this pug is always ready to party. So look out, Big Apple, Paddington is about to chew you up to the core.

Bio: Lifestyle: Livn' that slow feeder struggle Family: Mothership & Brotato Sanka 🐶 Home: 🚕 🍎🗽3%

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