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Volume 11 | Puffy the Pug

Signapore, Planet Earth | Puffy the Pug

Dashing. Is there another word to describe the essence of Mr. Puffy? None so well. A wrinkle-less mug of perfection, this man pugsonifies stud. Always dressed in the finest and latest fashion, his modeling experience for magazines such as PQ (Pug Quarterly) and Pugs Health are just a short list of top male model gigs he's owned. Ladies, obviously Puffy is a must follow, and men, your style muse is here!

Bio: *PUFFY@Singapore* 🐶 ADOPTED on 20 Dec 2015 📆 est. 4 years old 👦 male 🐾 ADOPT, don't shop! 🐽 snores rather loudly

Follow: Find Puffy on Instagram

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