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Volume 3 | Tatanka Osiris the Pug

Custer, South Dakota | Tatanka Osiris

On the Great Plains of Custer State Park in South Dakota there is a great herd of bison, or as the Lakota tribe call "Tatanka." Within this majestic band is the 'Smallest Buffalo,' Tatanka Osiris. This little black pug was adopted by the buffalo of Custer as one of their own. He roams the hillsides with these ancient beasts, exuding the confidence, power, and calm demeanor his giant brethren have instilled in him. If you ever get the chance to see the smallest buffalo, take it. He will run and jump on you, begging for your love and affection, as the 'pug' in him still remains strong.

Bio: Tatanka the Pug was born in Custer, South Dakota on August 2nd, 2011. The same date, in fact, that his parents got engaged at Custer State Park. The stars aligned. This little baby was meant to be theirs. He is the middle child of his brothers Frankie and Pee Wee. He is the calmest and cuddliest little pug, and a 'bit of a thinker.' Very protective of his family, he is the first to warn them of another dog in the neighborhood. He is very athletic and can run quite a distance with his papa. Playing chase, face, and scaring squirrels are his favorite summer activities. Comfort is his number one passion, he expects a constant temperature of 71.5 degrees F or he gets a bit crabby. Overall, he is a super lover and will be the first to greet you with the NEED for touch.

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