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Volume 2 | Pee Wee Aloysius the Pug

Cape Town, South Africa | Pee Wee Aloysius

"Sharks are scary. That's why I always wear my shark life vest, cuz it scares the water away like a shark scares it away. Yup, I believe I am part shark." Where could you find Pee Wee the Pug on any random day? Most likely in a boat off the Cape of Good Hope in search for Great Whites. The leading pug researcher of sharks in the world, Pee Wee has amassed extensive information about shark habitat, biological functioning, food sourcing, and travel on over 2300 sharks. He always says, if he could, he would swim right along with them in his shark vest 'cuz they're bffs' but doesn't because he gets sleepy and needs his cuddles. Pee Wee takes his cosequin everyday for his joint dysplasia which actually makes him part shark, so...yeah. A true pioneer in his field, he is hoping to inspire other pugs like him to follow in his paw prints. Why? As he says, 'Cuz sharks are the cooest!'

Bio: Pee Wee the Pug may only be 10 lbs and blind, but he uses his superhero like senses to navigate the world around him. His story is truly one of superhero like proportions. As a three month old pup, he was left on the side of the road on an Oklahoma highway in January. He was only 3.3 lbs and had a terribly horrific ruptured eye. It was then the angels at Homeward Bound Pug Rescue saved Pee Wee's life! Through social media and GoFundMe, pug lovers all over the world united to raise over $8000 for Pee Wee's care. He was adopted to his forever home in March 2016.

Today, little Pee Wee is a sweet, spunky, funny, and snuggly boy. He is completely blind. His other eye never fully formed as it's believed he was born premature. That does not hold him back at all! He loves chasing his brothers, playing bitey face, running in the yard, and going for walks. He also lives for being held, kisses on the face, and sleeping with his face tucked in papa's neck. He is very photogenic!

Follow: You can follow Pee Wee on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

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